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Brittany + Tricky

april 5, 2014 winchester, va.  Brittany has been a friend of mine for years and I was honored when she asked if I could do a portrait session with her and her handsome american bulldog, Tricky.  We spent an hour in downtown Winchester on a windy day at the beginning of spring and I was able to capture seemingly endless different expressions from Tricky’s wonderfully floppy and drooly face.  I had a ton of fun with them and was glad to be able to give Brittany a handful of photos to celebrate her favorite fur-child.

Lifestyle Photography

Brittany and Tricky-6Brittany and Tricky-9Brittany and Tricky-12Brittany and Tricky-16Brittany and Tricky-19Brittany and Tricky-20Brittany and Tricky-21Brittany and Tricky-22Brittany and Tricky-23Brittany and Tricky-29Brittany and Tricky-30Brittany and Tricky-36Brittany and Tricky-46Brittany and Tricky-47Brittany and Tricky-55Brittany and Tricky-57Brittany and Tricky-59
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