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Jennifer + Dan

october, 2013 strasburg, virginia.  jen and danny were married in early fall on a wonderfully summer-like day on the edge of a river in rural front royal.  I’ve met few people who appreciate fun and inspire as much happiness as jen and danny, and their wedding was a perfect reflection of this.  two sizable families became one underneath a massive willow tree and danced long into the night before pitching camp along the river bed.  a perfect wedding leading into a beautiful marriage.

Wedding Photography

Jen and Danny-1Jen and Danny-2Jen and Danny-3Jen and Danny-4Jen and Danny-5Jen and Danny-6Jen and Danny-7Jen and Danny-8Jen and Danny-9Jen and Danny-10Jen and Danny-11Jen and Danny-12Jen and Danny-13Jen and Danny-14Jen and Danny-15Jen and Danny-16Jen and Danny-17Jen and Danny-18Jen and Danny-19Jen and Danny-20Jen and Danny-21Jen and Danny-22Jen and Danny-23Jen and Danny-24Jen and Danny-25Jen and Danny-26Jen and Danny-27Jen and Danny-28Jen and Danny-29Jen and Danny-30Jen and Danny-31Jen and Danny-32Jen and Danny-33Jen and Danny-34Jen and Danny-35Jen and Danny-36Jen and Danny-37
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