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Jessica + Matt

June 25th, 2016 berryville, va.  Jessica and Matt booked me to film their wedding two years in advance, the furthest out I’ve had the pleasure of being booked in my career.  Looking forward to their big day at the beautiful Historic Rosemont Manor in Berryville as this exciting date ahead on my calendar for so long set a bit of a high bar for their wedding to live up to – which it did, several times over.  Jessica and Matt brought together an amazingly warm, lively, and fun group of family and friends that celebrated their nuptials with enthusiasm like I hadn’t seen before.  Everyone interacted with the playfulness of friends reuniting and the tenderness of family supporting and celebrating one another.  By the end of the night the huddled mass of people hugging on the dance floor was the perfect end to their amazing day, I couldn’t be happier with how this film has come together.  shot+edited by doug stanford.

Wedding Cinematography

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