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Jimmy + Sabrina

september, 2013 capon bridge, west virginia.  jimmy and sabrina celebrated their marriage with as much country flair as there was family love.  every detail of their wedding showcased their eclectic style – from southern charm to super heroes to disney fairy tales – making their day truly unique to their relationship.  a little rain and early night fall didn’t dampen their spirits as sabrina was surprised by a cinderella style carriage to bring her to the aisle of their outdoor ceremony.

Wedding Photography

Jimmy and Sabrina-1Jimmy and Sabrina-2Jimmy and Sabrina-3Jimmy and Sabrina-4Jimmy and Sabrina-5Jimmy and Sabrina-6Jimmy and Sabrina-7Jimmy and Sabrina-8Jimmy and Sabrina-9Jimmy and Sabrina-10Jimmy and Sabrina-11Jimmy and Sabrina-12Jimmy and Sabrina-13Jimmy and Sabrina-14Jimmy and Sabrina-15Jimmy and Sabrina-16Jimmy and Sabrina-17Jimmy and Sabrina-18Jimmy and Sabrina-19Jimmy and Sabrina-20Jimmy and Sabrina-21Jimmy and Sabrina-22Jimmy and Sabrina-23Jimmy and Sabrina-24Jimmy and Sabrina-25Jimmy and Sabrina-26Jimmy and Sabrina-27Jimmy and Sabrina-28Jimmy and Sabrina-29Jimmy and Sabrina-30Jimmy and Sabrina-31Jimmy and Sabrina-32Jimmy and Sabrina-33Jimmy and Sabrina-34Jimmy and Sabrina-35
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