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Megan + Ian

march, 2013 winchester, virginia.  shooting megan and ian’s wedding was special on every level… set at a close friend’s home, this was the wedding of my brother in law and my first opportunity to shoot photography at a wedding.  I also was a groomsman, and split photography duties with the megan’s brother, who was able to capture their beautiful ceremony while I stood with the other groomsmen at ian’s side.  their wedding was an incredible celebration of friends and family with an unending energy that lasted into the morning.

Wedding Photography

Ian and Megan-1Ian and Megan-2Ian and Megan-3Ian and Megan-4Ian and Megan-5Ian and Megan-6Ian and Megan-7Ian and Megan-8Ian and Megan-9Ian and Megan-10Ian and Megan-11Ian and Megan-12Ian and Megan-13Ian and Megan-14Ian and Megan-15Ian and Megan-16Ian and Megan-17Ian and Megan-18Ian and Megan-19Ian and Megan-20Ian and Megan-21Ian and Megan-22Ian and Megan-23Ian and Megan-24Ian and Megan-25Ian and Megan-26Ian and Megan-27Ian and Megan-28Ian and Megan-29Ian and Megan-30Ian and Megan-31Ian and Megan-32Ian and Megan-33Ian and Megan-34Ian and Megan-35
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