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Preeti + Silas

June 26-28th, 2015 college park, md.  Preeti + Silas had an amazing three day multicultural wedding extravaganza in several beautiful venues around College Park, MD.  I love getting to work with couples that blend their family’s cultures and create these incredibly personalized weekends with ceremonies from both sides of the family.  Their nuptials began with a spirited mehndi party filled with amazing food, performances, and dancing.  This led into a Sikh ceremony the following day that was incredibly moving, filled with tradition and beautiful dressing and decor everywhere.  On the last day the couple had a traditional American ceremony on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park.  From start to finish their wedding was filled with love, family, and endless energy to dance.  shot + edited by doug stanford and tommy terrell.

Wedding Cinematography

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